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Change music pitch online

Transpose your videos from Youtube, Vimeo and others on the fly. Play, popup the extension and adjust the pitch instantly.

Slow it down

slow_motion_video Want to rehearse a phrase from Youtube? You can slow down from 25% or speed up to 400%.

Download for Chrome

Go the Chrome Web Store and add your browser bar.

Loop 'n jump

repeat Set markers and jump directly to it or loop that difficult part. Ideal for practicing!

Sing along in your key

mic So many karaoke songs on Youtube, but a bit to high or low for you?
Let's ease up!

Transpose Pro

sentiment_very_satisfied Want more features and better audio quality? A dark theme? And also pitch shift Spotify?
Check out the pro version.

Install at the
Chrome Web Store
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Got a question?

Yes, it is free to use forever and has all basic functionality for transpose, fine pitch, changing the playback rate and loop. If you need better quality, check out Transpose Pro.
You can use the extension on your desktop, laptop or Chrome book. Make sure you are logged in to the Chrome browser with the same account. Transpose Pro also syncs the history between your devices.
This is how way Chrome visualizes that the audio of the tab is being captured. It says 'This tabs content is being shared' to inform you. When you open the extension and change the pitch the extension uses tab capture in order to process the audio contents of the tab.
The permissions are necessary to capture the audio for pitch shift processing and connect to the video players on the websites. This only happens when you launch the extension. No worries, we don't collect your data, browser history or audio and all your data is kept locally.
The pro version keeps track of a history list which is saved only at your Google Account and only accessible by you. We do use Google Analytics for usage and issue tracking. Check the privacy statement for more info.
Try the tips for at the 'no media - no connection' section below:
  • No media:
    There is no html5 video player found on the site. Navigate to a video, e.g. from Youtube first, and than launch the extension.
    If that doesn't work try the tips below:
  • No connection:
    The extension popup could not connect to the website:
    • Close or refresh any open tab windows with the (YouTube) video you want to control.
      This is sometimes needed first installation.
    • Not all media will work (only html5 videos). Some sites may block control of audio usage. Youtube and Vimeo should work!
    • There may be conflicting other extensions using audio tab capture as well. Check your extensions at chrome://extensions (type this in your browser address bar) and disable some. Close the video page first and see if it helps.
    • Uninstall the extension and reinstall it. Then close all tabs, exit Chrome, and try again.
    • If you can't get it to work, please contact us.
  • Page does not allow extension:
    On some pages, like the Chrome Web Store, or Chrome home page, it is not allowed to connect to the content.
  • Pitch shift only mode:
    (Transpose Pro) If there is no HTML5 videoplayer in the content the functionality is limited to transpose and pitch. It is not possible to change the speed, use the loop feature. The settings will not be added to the history list.
    But, you can pitch all audio in the browser tab. As an example, you can use it for the Spotify web player:
  • Make sure you are up to date, check if you have the latest version of Chrome (70.x and up) and this extension
Yes, you can use transpose and pitch (Tranpose Pro only), but there are limitations:
  • You cannot use it for the Spotify application, but for the equivalent online version which runs in the browser:
  • It is not possible to control the speed, loop and transport controls.
  • Settings will not be added to the history list.
No, that is not possible. It is not allowed by Terms of Service for most sites, like YouTube to use an extension for that. But of course there is external software that can do the trick. Check out Audacity, an open source audio editing solution for Windows and Mac.
That is normal when using the high quality pitch algorithm in the pro version: the audio is buffered for processing (200 to 400 milliseconds). You can set it temporarily back to low quality in the settings you need it in sync.
  • It may take a minute. Try to close the popup and reopen it.
  • Your payment may not have been processed or declined. Google will handle the payment for Chrome Web Store, and sends an e-mail if it went wrong.
  • Make sure you're signed in the Chrome Web browser with the same Google account when you've bought it. Check your account and synchronisation settings at chrome://settings/ and chrome://settings/syncSetup (type this in your browser address bar)
Sometimes the Chrome Web Store is unavailable, or it returns an unexpected error. Unfortunately this is out of my control. Here are some tips to resolve it:
  • Try again at another time, it may be temporary
  • Make sure you are not in incognito browser mode
  • Check if your credit card allows payments globally. If not, you may encounter an 'Unexpected error'.
  • Inspect your payment profile. If you haven't already, add a payment method and try again.
  • Try this support page and this support page.
  • Please contact us if the purchase process is not working.
  • Yes, there is 30 minute cancellation period. See: Chrome Web Store Help
    You can contact us using here.

    Transpose Pro features

    Want better quality and more features?

    • High quality audio for transpose & pitch info_outline
    • Remember settings for each video info_outline
    • History list info_outline
    • Unlimited Loops info_outline
    • BPM tracker info_outline
    • Keyboard shortcuts info_outline
    • Progress bar info_outline
    • Supports pitch shift for all online audio, including Spotify info_outline
      Limited to pitch shift only mode
    • Play local audio info_outline
    • Dark theme info_outline
    • Ad free
    cloud_download Download
    Transpose Pro is an in-app purchase. Install the free version at the Chrome Web Store first.

    Keyboard shortcuts

    In the extension popup you can use these keyboard shortcuts (pro only)

    Key Action
    Space Play/Pause
    Enter Play/Pause
    < cursor Rewind
    > cursor Forward
    - Speed down
    + Speed up
    1-9 Jump to marker