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Change music pitch online

Transpose your videos from Youtube, Vimeo and others on the fly. Play, popup the extension and adjust the pitch instantly.

Slow it down

speed Want to rehearse a phrase from Youtube? You can slow down from 25% or speed up to 400%.

Download for Chrome

Go the Chrome Web Store and add it to your extensions bar.

Download for Edge

Go Microsoft Edge Addons and add it to your extensions bar.

Loop 'n jump

repeat Set markers and jump directly to it or loop that difficult part. Ideal for practicing!

Sing along in your key

mic So many karaoke songs on Youtube, but the pitch not within your range? Let's ease up and change the key of your favorite song!

Made for musicians

account_circle "Love this extension. Great for learning songs, riffs or transposing music."

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More than 700.000 musicians are loving it!
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account_circle "The only available solution on the web to propose the pitch shifting and speed changer on Youtube and Spotify. Totally essential for all musicians who wants to cover songs from albums and lives."

account_circle "I spend more time with this plugin than I do my children!"

account_circle "Phenomenal app. Using for myself and my vocal students."

account_circle "Incredibly useful tool for slowing down youtube videos while learning songs. I tried out a bunch of similar plugins and this is the best out there. This has helped me become a significantly better guitarist."

Getting started

Some tips you if it doesn't get started right away:

  • Make sure you're on the latest version of Chrome or Edge (but at least v96).
  • Refresh the page or close the browser first
  • Make sure you're on a video page
  • Start the video first before opening the extension
Is it free to use?
Yes, it is free to use. If you like using the app your support is really appreciated!
Can I use it on multiple devices?
You can use the extension on your desktop, laptop (Mac or Windows) or Chrome book.

The extension is compatible with other Chromium based browsers as well, such as Brave and Edge.
It cannot run on Android or IOS.
Why do some sites need extra permissions?
The permissions are necessary to connect to the video or audio element on the page, which is not always available directly for the extensions. Sometimes you also need to start the video first before it can connect.
Tab Capture mode, as a fallback for some video or audio sites, also need extra permissions.

No worries, we don't collect your data, browser history or audio and all your data is kept locally.
You can always remove the permissions for a site in the extension settings of your browser.
Is my privacy guaranteed? Is there a privacy agreement?
No worries, we don't collect your data.
Transpose keeps track of a history list which is saved only locally, or at your Google Account and only accessible by you. Google Analytics is used for global aggregated usage statics and issue tracking. Check the privacy statement for more info.

Can you sign a privacy agreement for use within our organisation?
Sorry, we don't sign agreements for end users. Privacy is already secured by the Chrome Web Store. See privacy practices at the extension download site in the Chrome Web Store and check the privacy statement for more info.

The extension complies to the Google Developer Program Policies and Chrome Web Store Terms of Service.
Where can I find the extension?
  1. Make sure you have it installed (see Getting Started)
  2. On your computer, open Chrome .
  3. At the top right, click Extensions .
  4. Click on the extension, or use the pin button to keep the extension available in the toolbar
It doesn't work, it says 'No media'
Try one of the following tips, that should normally do the trick:
  • Make sure you're on the latest version of Chrome or Edge (but at least v96).
  • Ensure the video is on its dedicated page
  • Start the video or audio track manually first
  • Refresh the page
  • Close the browser tab and try again
  • Add extra permissions for connecting to the video.
  • Use tab capture mode for the pitch shift
It says 'Connection Error'
The site may have blocked capture of the audio or video stream. You could still change the speed or loop. If you do need to alter the pitch, use Tab Capture Mode.
How to transpose a local audio file on my device?
If you have a local file, e.g. and mp3 on your device you can also use it for this extension:
  • Go to the settings menu in the extension (3 dots icon button on the top right)
  • Click on the "Play File" button
  • Now a local audio player has opened. Browse for a file on your compute and play the filer
  • Open the extension again and have fun!
Can I save the audio to a file?
No, that is not possible. It is not allowed by Terms of Service for most sites, like YouTube to use an extension for that. But of course there is external software that can do the trick. Check out Audacity, an open source audio editing solution for Windows and Mac.
Can I use it with Chromecast?
Yes that's possible, but only if you cast the desktop. See
Does it run on Firefox / Safari / iPad / iPhone / iOS / Android ?
No, it only runs on Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge on the desktop.
I hear glitches, stuttering, crackling, distortion, or static noises.
Unfortunately real-time audio processing is not highly optimized for browser extensions and performance depends on your device.
Here are some tips for improvement of performance that may solve it:

  • Close other tabs and browser windows, and other applications
  • Disable all other extensions, then restart your browser
  • Make sure you're on the latest version of Chrome or Edge (but at least v96).
  • Restart your computer (yes, it may help :)
  • Check if there is a virus scanner, update process or other background process running
  • Make sure the sampling rate of your PC's audio card settings is set to default (e.g. 48.000Hz)

Please keep in mind this is an aid for practicing, not a studio tool :)
There is a delay between audio and video
That is normal when using the transpose pitch shift algorithm: the audio is buffered for processing (200 to 400 milliseconds). The amount of delay also depends on the performance of your device.
What is Tab Capture mode?
In this mode all audio of the browser tab is 'captured' and send to the transpose pitch shift effect.
Use this mode in case the extension cannot connect or not allowed to connect to a regular audio or video element on the page.
What is Auto Reset?
When a new video or audio file is played, all settings for the previous video are saved, and the settings will be reset for the new video.
If you don't want the settings to be saved and reset, you can turn of this behaviour in the settings.
There is no sound / the video won't start
  • Close all browser tabs and open the (YouTube) video you want to control.
  • Start the video first manually.
  • Make sure you're on the latest version of Chrome or Edge (but at least v96).
  • There may be conflicting other extensions using audio tab capture as well. Check your extensions at chrome://extensions (type this in your browser address bar) and disable some. Close the browser and reopen the browser
  • Uninstall the extension and reinstall it. Then close all tabs, exit Chrome, and try again.
  • Make sure you are up to date, check if you have the latest version of Chrome and this extension
  • If the audio cuts out when using this extension, check if this is also the case for other extensions using tab audio capture. If so, it may be a general issue of your device. This is an excellent guide to solve sound issues on windows 10:
    Top 13 Ways to Fix Google Chrome Sound Not Working in Windows 10


Keyboard shortcuts

In the extension popup you can use these keyboard shortcuts:

Key Action
Space Play/Pause
Enter Play/Pause
cursor Rewind
cursor Forward
cursor Transpose 1 semi-tone up
cursor Transpose 1 semi-tone down
shift + ▲ cursor Pitch 5% up
shift + ▼ cursor Pitch 5% down
+ Speed up
- Speed down
L Toggle Loop
M Add a marker
1-9 Jump to marker
[Custom key] Navigate to chrome://extensions/shortcuts
and create your own shortcut to activate the extension.
[Custom key] Navigate to edge://extensions/shortcuts
and create your own shortcut to activate the extension.